Muscles of the Buttocks, thigh and Leg


1. Which muscles act as synergists to hip extension?


2. Which muscles act as antagonists to hip extension? What is their action?


3. Which muscle group allows you to rise from a seated position?


4. Which muscles act as antagonists to thigh flexion, abduction?


5. Which muscle is not very important in walking, but is most important for powerful extension of the hip such as when climbing stairs or jumping?


6. Which muscle is a prime mover of hip flexion and also acts as a postural muscle to keep the upper body from falling backward when standing erect?  What is its origin and insertion?


7.  Which muscles “flex the leg?  List each.



8.  Which muscle extends the leg and also helps to flex the hip joint?



9.  Which term does not belong (circle it)

a.  vastus lateralis  vastus medialis  knee extension  biceps femoris


10.  What is the functional reason why the muscle group on the dorsal leg (calf) is so much larger than the muscle group on the ventral region of the leg? 



11.  Most flexor muscles are located on the _______ aspect of the body; most extensors are located _________.


12.  Name the major muscles responsible for the following:  dorsiflexing the foot. 



13. Which two muscles form the iliopsoas?  What is the action of the iliopsoas?



14.  Which muscles have been strained when you get a "groin pull"?


15.  The adductor magnus does two very different actions.  The anterior part of the muscle does:


and the posterior part does:


16. What is the name of the strap like muscle that flexes the leg and laterally rotates the hip?


17. What muscle flexes the toes, and what muscle extends the toes?


18. What would happen if you Achilles tendon were severed?