Mr. Pagtakhan's Social Justice Class

Policies and Procedures
Daily Agenda & HW
Independent Reading Requirements

Reader's Theater

Identity Map
Identity Map Rubric
Observation Notes

Ancient India Outline
Siddhartha Questions
Life as a Journey Presentation
Siddhartha Writing Seeds Template
Socratic Seminar Topics
Essay Reminders Assignment
Essay Prompts
Working Thesis to Polished Thesis
Essay Editing Guidelines
Lit.Analysis Essay Rubric

Lord of the Flies:
Google Doc for Thesis
Studyguide Questions
Leading a Discussion
Socratic Seminar Topics
Essay Prompts
Essay Editing Guidelines
MLA Formatting Sample
Thesis & Essay Reminders
Lit.Analysis Essay Rubric

Genocide Research Materials
Link to Genocide LibGuides
Genocide Research Lesson
Sample MLA Works Cited Page
Genocide Research Rubric
Website for Congo Awareness and Action
SEC Website for Proposed Regulations

Warriors Don't Cry:
Group Library Research
Library Research Rubric
Moments of Pause Handout
Reading Schedule
Leading a Class Discussion
Socratic Seminar Questions
Final Writing Assignment

Tortilla Curtain:
Reading Schedule
Unit Assignments
Studyguide Questions
Socratic Seminar Questions
Essay Prompt
Essay Editing Suggestions
MLA Formatting Sample
Literary Analysis Rubric

The Sunflower:
Assignments and Focus Questions


Pertinent Handouts & Worksheets:
Social Justice Terminology
Vocabulary Dialogue
The Lottery Socratic Seminar Topics
Examining Traditions
Examining Traditions Rubric
IAT Reflection Questions
What Would You Do Questions
The Grand Plan Activity
The Grand Plan Rubric
Social Experiment
Social Experiment Synthesis
The Inquiry Process
Social Justice Final
Final Presentation Rubric

Essay Corrections Help:
Essay Reflection Prompt
Steps to Completing Essay Corrections
Essay Corrections Rules h/o
Essay Corrections Chart

Helpful Links :
Implicit Association Test and Research Website

Independent Reading Suggestions: A list of some popular titles from past students

Perspective on Planets and Galaxies

Amador Website: Access school news and events

Amador Library Webpage: A great resource for finding that perfect essay topic Submit essays to ensure writer's authenticity
Class Password: justheadtalk
Class ID #:
1': 10467224
4': 10467246
Works Cited Page: Never be penalized for an improper works cited page again!

MLA Formatting Help: Aids proper essay heading and pagination

MLA Citation Methods: Suggestions to avoid plagiarism on essays and research papers

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