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Kingdom: Protista
Phylum: Ciliophora
Class: Ciliatea
Order: Hypotrichida
Family: Euplotidae
Genus: Euplotes



General Information:

Euplotes is a common protozoan found in algae samples. They are most often seen moving up and down along filaments of algae. Like paramecia, they use tiny hairlike structures called cilia for movement and acquiring their food. Cilia along the oral groove are small and support primarily feeding. Cilia at the end of the organism are fused into larger structures that assist in movement. Euplotes can often be seen using these larger fused cilia to "walk" along filaments of algae. Because of their rapid movements photographing these organisms is difficult. The photo shown above was acquired from http://www.pirx.com/droplet/gallery/euplotes.html. To view a movie clip that shows protozoans as seen under the micrscope click here.


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