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Public hearing on the sufficience of textbooks

and instructional materials and availability of laboratory equipment for science

At the November 18, 2014, Board of Trustees meeting,

parents, staff, and community members will have an opportunity to provide input to the district

on the sufficiency of textbooks and laboratory equipment for science.

This meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 18, 2014, beginning at 7:00 p.m.,

at the Administrative Office at 4665 Bernal Avenue, Pleasanton, CA 94566.

If you have questions about this public hearing, please contact Mindy Bolar, Director of Curriculum, at 925/426-4328.
This notice is posted in all school site main offices,

on our PUSD webpage, and at our Administrative Office at

4665 Bernal Avenue, Pleasanton, CA 94566 on Thursday, October 30, 2014.

it's parent-teacher conference time!

Please note student schedule for 11/18, 11/19 and 11/20/14

ALL Kindergarten attend:  8:15am to 11:35am

ALL 1st through 5th attend:  8:25am to 12:40pm


Nominations for gifted and talented education (GATE) testing are being accepted now  

Nominations due december 03, 2014


Schools in Pleasanton are preparing for the annual Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) testing period.


The purpose of GATE testing is to identify and motivate highly able students to realize their full potential. The District works with school staffs to provide high quality differentiated opportunities for learning that meet students’ particular abilities and talents and to focus on the areas of need.


Students from grade 3 to 7 in Pleasanton Unified School District (PUSD) are offered the opportunity to be tested at least once for GATE identification.  Students may be tested several times, as often as every other year.


Students in grades 4 to 7 must be nominated by a teacher, parent, or other school staff to be tested for GATE services.  Parents may nominate their child by submitting a completed Parent Nomination / Questionnaire / Permission for GATE to the Special Projects Office.  Parents wishing to nominate their child are encouraged to talk with their child’s teacher about the benefits and implications of GATE testing.  The Parent Nomination for GATE form can be found on the district web site http://pleasantonusd.net/departments/educational-services/gate/.  There, parents can read the instructions and download the District GATE Nomination Form.  Nomination forms are also available at each school site.


Students are not eligible to be nominated if they took the CogAT test last year. 


Students will be tested during the school day at their own school.  A letter notifying parents/guardians of the testing dates and other information will be sent home mid January.  Testing will be begin in late January and finish in late February.  The test will be administered at each school on different days during this period. 


Blanket CogAT testing for all third grade students in the district will be administered in February.  Parents of students in third grade will receive a Permission to Test letter in early January.


Beginning 8/25 through 9/12/14 Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades are on the early bell schedule:

Kingergarten: MTTF = 8:15am to 11:35am; Wednesday = 9:15am-12:35am

1st and 2nd: MTTF = 8:25am-2:15pm; Wednesday = 9:25am-3:00pm

Beginning 9/15/14 Staggered Schedule for Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades begin

Schedule for 3rd, 4th and 5th is not affected by the staggered schedule


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What's Happening at Donlon


Front of Donlon             

November 2014 December 2014
11/2 - Daylight Savings Time Ends - "Fall Back" 12/4 - PTA Talent Show
11/3-11/4 - Operation Gratitude: Collecting Candy and Letters for Troops 12/11 - Student Leadership Meeting - 3:00pm - C15
11/4 - PTA Meeting - 7:00pm - Donlon MPR 12/12 - Flag Salute - 10:55am - Snow Day
11/4 - Donlon Library Closed for Voting 12/19 - Minimum Day - (TK-5 Only) - ALL kindergarten attend 8:15am-11:35am; All grades 1-5 attend 8:25am-12:40pm
11/5 - Picture Retakes 12/22-1/2/15 - Winter Break - NO SCHOOL
11/10 - Staff Development Day - Students DO NOT attend school  
11/11 - Veteran's Day - HOLIDAY  
11/13 - Student Leadership Meeting - 3:00pm - C15  
11/14 - Flag Salute - 10:55am - Pajama Day  
11/18 - Minimum Day Schedule; Kindergarten attend 8:15am-11:35am; Grades 1-5 attend 8:25am-12:40pm  
11/19 - Minimum Day Schedule; Kindergarten attend 8:15am-11:35am; Grades 1-5 attend 8:25am-12:40pm - **NO WEDNESDAY LATE START**  
11/20 - Minimum Day Schedule; Kindergarten attend 8:15am-11:35am; Grades 1-5 attend 8:25am-12:40pm  
11/21 - NO SCHOOL - TK-5 Conferences  
24th-28th - Thanksgiving Break - NO SCHOOL  


Donlon Bell Schedule 2014-15

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Dear Parents,

In light of Assembly Bill 165, which has been passed by both houses of the legislature and is now at the Governor’s desk; school districts must be proactive in getting the message out to their communities.  The components of AB 165 are not intended to change the rules districts must follow in collecting fees from students; rather, it is designed to reflect existing parameters of the Constitutional “free school guarantee”.

Based on the “free school guarantee”, no student shall be denied participation in an educational activity (curricular or co-curricular) based on his/her inability to pay a fee. Pleasanton Unified School District students are fortunate to have incredible community support and donations allowing them many wonderful opportunities. Once AB 165 has been signed by the Governor, school districts will face strict sanctions if found not compliant with the “free school guarantee”. PUSD and many other districts have begun clarifying procedures in order to help schools and parent organizations follow important guidelines and requirements while continuing to allow students to participate in activities that have a cost associated with them.

We expect our students to continue being provided wonderful opportunities through legally allowable means. Collecting donations and conducting fundraisers are two ways in which schools compensate for shortages of funds to pay for these activities. We have been provided clear procedures by our legal counsel when planning trips and events. We expect that our students will continue to participate in field trips such as 5th grade Outdoor Education, 4th grade Sacramento Trip, and Kindergarten’s trip to Alden Lane Nursery, and events by following those guidelines, while ensuring all students are able to participate.

Out of the state trips that are affiliated with private companies and are not a part of the school program fall in a different category.  In these cases, school resources and instructional time may not be used for advertisement or outreach. The outreach to students must follow the same guidelines as all non-school related agencies.  Flyers may be posted on school websites under the same guidelines any other outside agency follows. They may also file a facility use permit and give relevant information to parents and students outside of school hours.

We appreciate your support in helping us stay compliant and for helping us provide your children the most outstanding opportunities beyond our classrooms through donations and fund-raising activities. Please let me know if you have further questions.


Lynnette Chirrick , Principal


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The School Success and Opportunity Act.

Attendance & Student educational success

Our Mission

The Donlon community is committed to preparing all of our students to lead happy, healthy and productive lives. We strive to create a community of character by emphasizing the District's character traits and through our commitment to the use of Lifeskills on a daily basis. Our goal is to have students strive to become informed citizens ready to participate in a culturally diverse society.

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